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My name is Leonie Isabel Appels. Other than most designers I combine analytical skills with a creative mindset due to my bachelors degree in fashion design and masters degree in marketing and management. I tried to see as many different sides as possible and did not only work in the design itself, but also within production, sales and styling. This nurtured my eye for product, fabric, color and fit and acts as a great addition to the knowledge gained within my previous experiences. I feel able to understand the fashion business throughout and able to create stunning, but also efficient collections and designs.


So far I tried to see as many different sides of it as possible and did not only work in the design related area, as I did within my latest experience at Stone Island, where I did not only had the opportunity to work for the menswear - but aswell for the Junior collection, where I produced and designed graphics and new logos for the upcoming collection. Working in the Design Team of Stone Island was a great experience as i did have the possibility to participate and see each and every step of such a big Company building up its collection from beginning to the end. May it be the reinterpretation of the basics such as track top, Fatique pants, Bomber Jacket and many more items into modern and  unexpected designs or finding new functions and details for the AW 18 collection. Aswell on a design based area at Achtland I contributed an important part in the arising of the FW ‘13 Jewelry Collection, in contrast at Aitor Throup in London i worked within the production of the brand, where I joined the team during one of their busiest times for the New Object Research 2013.

At Mytheresa in Munich however I experienced working as a Stylist for the well known online shop, where I have been responsible for creating runway and brand related outfits, while keeping a sight on staying in each designers concept, style and price segment.


Each of these stations have been worth it's time in terms of growing personally as well as professionally and all of these experiences have sparked my interested in the fashion industries even further. 

I think my design thinking skills can be very useful as well in the business segment. I believe that creativity is the key to success as design is integrated in any kind of business and service. Bocconi gave me the possibility widen my skills as a designer and to be best prepared for the Fashion Business tomorrow. As through my work experiences I have enhanced my personality and character i am able to adapt myself to any new challenge, while being able to work supporting my colleagues and being a great teamplayer. I am able to work on a personal perspective within group or indepentently individual projects, in an always creative and solution oriented way.


When I design, I do what I love, it's my passion and happens from within my heart. Have a look at my very own brand Liapure, based in Munich.


Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work and other projects.

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