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My very first own brand

The name of my Brand "Liapure" appears from my initials Leonie Isabel Appels combined with the word pure.


Pure has a very important meaning to this brand as it describes the base of it. Pure in the meaning of soft, natural materials and fibres, its colours and cuts, its clean, somewhat playful surface. Minimal designs paired with femininity. The goal is to achieve the total look. The perfect combination of bottom and top, floating in the same fabric, structure and print, belonging together, being one look.

Of course there will always be the possibility to combine, mix and match the pieces within one collection, but Liapure's mission is to offer the complete look with fabrics and colors chosen to appear like one piece.

Liapure Design Studio consists of two lines, which complement and enhance each other. This includes Liapure and Liapure Atelier. Liapure is a collection of essential trans-seasonal essentials. Each piece is designed to achieve the perfect fit and is crafted with care from high-quality fabrics in neutral hues including black, beige and cream. Liapure pieces are meant to be worn and loved any time, anywhere, as a head-to-toe monochrome look, or mixed and matched depending on your style. Liapure Atelier is a collection consisting of limited edition designs released twice a year. These high-fashion pieces vary from season to season, while the quality remains to be held to Liapure Design Studio’s standards. Each piece is delicately hand-stitched in Bavaria and only available in limited quantities.

I do combine minimalistic essentials with limited, playful pieces, while constantly striving for timelessness in all my designs. I do not believe in only following trends, but creating timeless pieces designed with purpose. This includes supporting small, local production sites to ensure the quality is held to the highest of standards, and being mindful of using primarily recycled/recyclable materials for shipping and other purposes.


My first Atelier Collection for SS20 was inspired by the awakening of spring. It plays around the shapes of flowers converted into seems, manchettes as well as embroidery.

With Liapure Design Studio I made my much-longed for dream come true. Passionate about creating wardrobe staples from natural fibres in neutral hues, Liapure Design Studio sets itself apart by offering a collection perfectly aligned in terms of color. Every fabric used for the Liapure Collection has been explicitly dyed based on three Pantone Color Codes for Liapure Design Studio, to achieve a perfect head-to-toe monochrome look within the collection


.If you're interested in seeing more, please let me know. I will be more than glad to guide you through my designs and tell you more about it.

Thank you for your interest in my work


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